Terms & Conditions

  1. The purpose of the Subject Quest is to guide the Gr 9 learner on their subject choices for Gr 10-12. These choices may influence their study/ career/ tertiary educational choices at a Tertiary level.

  2. The Quest is based on sound Psychological theory in the fields of: Educational Psychology; Kinesiology; Learning styles; Career Psychology and Personality Theory.

  3. The results of the Quest is not normed, and as such the results only relate to the learner who completed the questionnaire and their self-report on the questions. *The Quest may be normed for SA learners once enough data has been gathered from users.

  4. The algorithms to determine the result is grounded on Psychometric principles of reliability and validity of existing tools. The validity and reliability of the “Subject Quest” will be built as data is collected from learners who complete the “Quest”.

  5. The results must be used by parents/ teachers/ the school in conjunction with other available sources of information, e.g. previous educational information, current school behaviour, grades and exposure to various subjects.

  6. Should a more in-depth explanation/ interpretation be required, this is available from a registered Psychologist at an additional cost.

  7. The designers of the Quest are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

  8. The designers of the Quest cannot be held accountable or liable for the final subject choices that are made by the learner and his/her parents/ teacher/ school.

  9. Every effort has been made to align the content of the Quest to be applicable to a diversity of learner needs, styles, interests and abilities.

  10. Every effort has been made to align the content of the Quest to the current subjects offered at the Government and Private schools in South Africa.

  11. Non-payment of tokens will result in non-disclosure of the results to the relevant parties.

  12. No results will be made available to any party other than the paying party or their chosen representative/s, e.g. LO teachers/ school principals/Psychologists, as agreed.

  13. No copy of the result may be printed, distributed or used by any other 3rd party, unless agreed to up front.

  14. Data generated by completing the Quests will be used by the designers for research/ norming purposes. Data sets will remain anonymous and only biographical data will be used for this purpose.

  15. Parents/Teachers/School staff acknowledge that the results of the Quest will only be used for its intended purpose, and will not utilize it to make any other assumptions about the learner in any other context.