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Does subject choices still add value?

Monday, June 20, 2016 - 10:43

YES! Google has become our best friend for choice....but be careful: you must make sure your choice aligns to who you are as a person. And of course, that what you choose is something you would love to do! 

In today's fast paced and changing world, subject choices become ever more important. Yet, learners in Grade 9 making their choices for the 1st time often have no idea how to go about it.... 

Our experience with teens is that they often make choices based on what they think is cool,sounds right, or just what most of their friends choose. Parents and teachers try to  influence this decision the best they can.....but may fall into the following traps:


  1. guiding the teen based on what they wanted to be;
  2. guiding the teen on current occupations that seem to be in demand;
  3. guiding the teen to have a solid career that will make loads of money;
  4. making choices that will get them through the next 3 years;
  5. being influenced to "keep up with the Joneses'" and
  6. guiding the teen based on the characteristics that they perceive them to have.

And none of these reasons are essentially wrong. They may just be one-sided. Let's face it, we often don't see who our teens really are among peers and in class. We see them at home or on the sports field and think that is the full picture. Yet each teen has a unique make-up, a story that is evolving as they mature.

By using a scientific method to assist you as parent, teacher or teen to make the choices, you can take a longer view. A view that spans the next 10 years of their life. 

The choice starts now. This is the build-up to planning the future in order to ensure each teen reaches their full potential.

We invite you to think....then plan...and this will lead to work feeling like play.

Contributed by: AC

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