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Career Themes series

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 19:20

Whether you are in Gr 9 or Gr 11/12, deciding on your subjects or career path can be a difficult task.

Read through our Career Themes Series and see whether you can identify which theme you would like to explore further.

The world of work is changing! FAST. In 5 years' time there will be at least a dozen new "jobs" which we don't even know about today. 

“With 27‚1 percent of South Africa’s population without jobs‚ according to Statistics South Africa‚ prospective students would do well to take heed of these changes‚” Andre Venter‚ UASA spokesperson

Preparation for the world of work - whether it is in formal employment; contract work or becoming an entrepreneur - has to start now. And it starts in Gr 9.

To get the best view on what subjects suits your personality and interests - and will take you into a career you will enjoy - play our online Subject Quest and get real-time guidance on which subjects to choose in Gr 10.

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