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Be prepared: Make a study schedule for tests or exams

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 19:03

Studying is a key aspect of school....yet most kids leave it till the last minute! Why not tackle the bull by the horns and be prepared? If you start thinking about your upcoming tests and exams in advance it won't creep up on you and leave you feeling stressed and anxious!

Teachers and parents may be on your case to study, and well....they are right. So make the choice to plan your own schedule and get them off your back. You WILL feel better, and you will actually have much more time than you think for lazy time and doing things you like!

Studying is an art....and when done right it is actually quite fun. So no matter what your study method, a good and VISIBLE schedule will help you duirng test and exam times.

Here's a few tips:

Our brains are fascinating. They need structure to keep info. Just like your computer stores info in folders, so too does your brain. But it can't save all that info in one go. So you have to: think about what you want to put in; save the input regularly and give the brain battery time to charge.


Studying is not an endless sitting in front of your books and hoping the info will magically enter your memory. You have to be FOCUSED.

The best rule from grade 4: study for 20-40 minutes and take a 15 minute break. During that break, move around, eat and drink something and chat to your mom/dog/brother or sister/ friend. Now don't get caught up in social media during this time - you can do this after your study schedule for the day is done.


Before you start think about the following…….

Step 1: Count the number of days you have before the next test or exam

Step 2: Look at how much you have to learn, e.g 2 chapters for Biology, 10 new maths formulae

Step 3: Write down how much time you have for studying every day – be realistic!

Step 4: Keep the day before the start of exams for revision as far as possible

Step 5: Write down when you are going to study which subject/s – you don’t only have to do 1 subject a day, mix and match it a bit

Step 6: KEEP TO YOUR PLANNING – REPLAN WHEN YOU NEED TO and show this clearly on your study schedule

Draw a schedule with the 7 days of the week or buy a ready-made template. 

Try it, you'll be surprised how much more in control you feel AND how much more you remember!

Good luck!




















































































































































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